The Birth of Natura Bissé

Natura Bissé was born on June 7, 1979, entering the professional cosmetics market with five creams that targeted various skin needs. Its founder, Ricardo Fisas Mulleras, decided to dive into this thrilling business adventure after seeing how hydrolyzed elastin and collagen proteins considerably improved skin's texture. “Ricardo Fisas established his company on the foundational pillars of professionalism, effort, commitment, the ability to overcome and social responsibility”.

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Natura Bissé Woos the Skin of Spanish Women

During the 1980's, the company gained entry to the Spanish market’s beauty establishments. Professional aestheticians demanded cosmetics with high concentrations of active ingredients that offered their clients the best guarantees of success. Natura Bissé was able to deliver, thanks to the constant research and innovation that have marked the company since its inception. By the end of the ‘80's, the company had a total of 150 facial and body products.

“Throughout the ‘80s, we positioned our small Spanish cosmetics firm alongside the big companies in the professional beauty industry.


Introduction to the United States

After solidifying its position in the domestic market, Natura Bissé decided to expand its horizons and offer its products in the United States for the first time. Even though the culture of skin care in beauty institutes was just beginning, the women who tested the creams from the Spanish company were pleasantly surprised by their immediate results. This interest was a clear answer to the company's plans for international expansion.

“Natura Bissé's revolutionary formulas and innovative textures managed to surprise the American market".


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Glyco Peeling:
the Ultimate Exfoliation

The tireless work carried out in Natura Bissé's laboratories yielded fruit in the form of an effective, innovative product for use both professionally and at home. It had a high concentration of acids and was highly effective at renewing skin in a way that was also completely safe for skin. With the birth of Glyco Peeling and Glyco Peeling Plus, Natura Bissé was the first company to offer "professional results for use at home" by putting a completely safe and effective professional-concentration skin renewal product into the hands of the consumer.

“With Glyco Peeling and Glyco Peeling Plus, Natura Bissé began marketing its products through the most prominent stores in the United States”.


The Final Conquest of America

In 1995, Natura Bissé achieved a decisive victory in the demanding, competitive American market by offering its products through a retail channel. The company established its subsidiary in the city of Dallas, Texas, where the renowned luxury store Neiman Marcus gave the Spanish brand entry to every one of its points of sale in the American market. Later on, the products were also sold through Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue in New York City, as well as Barneys New York.

“At the same time, we opened our first subsidiary in Dallas, the city that served as our springboard to globalization, entering an international market filled with opportunity”.


New Corporate Headquarters Launch of the Diamond Collection

After 20 years of work, Natura Bissé opened its headquarters and factory in Barcelona's Parque Tecnológico del Vallés, alongside chemical and pharmaceutical companies with the most avant-garde technology. The current facilities house a modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that has allowed the company's Research and Development center to expand in addition to reinforcing the plant's production capacity. That same year, the prestigious Diamond Collection was born as a comprehensive anti-aging treatment. It became a primary symbol of the brand's identity and prestige.

"For Natura Bissé, 2000 was a year full of change and challenges, a turning point period in the company's journey."

For Natura Bissé, 2000 was a year full of change and challenges, a turning point period in the company's journey.


International Growth.

Thanks to brand's expansion in the American market, women all around the world began to learn of the amazing results provided by Natura Bissé treatments. Year after year, awareness of the brand grows and new markets are won over - such as those in Russia and Southeast Asia. It was in 2001 that the company began its foray into England, doing so through the upscale London Harrods stores in White Hall.

"Natura Bissé's presence in the Harrods stores let us position ourselves in the most exclusive point of sale in London, sharing space with the world's major cosmetics companies."

Natura Bissé product


Inhibit Collection Revolutionizes the Cosmetics Market

After extensive scientific research, Natura Bissé developed Inhibit Collection, the most effective cosmetic alternative to microinjections and other medical aesthetic procedures. The INHIBIT collection offered the best answer to the botox microinjections and fillers boom that occurred in the USA during 2003. With this complete range of products designed to relax, fill and lift skin, Natura Bissé won numerous awards – proof once again of the amazing effectiveness of the company's treatments.

"With the Inhibit Collection, the professionals in Natura Bissé's research laboratory, extraordinary skin care artisans, managed to once again revolutionize the beauty industry."


Entry to Mexico

Natura Bissé opened its second subsidiary, located in Mexico, with the goal of taking the success achieved in the USA and bringing it to Mexico. Since that year, Natura Bissé has had a presence in the most prestigious spas and most desirable points of sale in the Mexico, chief among which are those in Baja California, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Maya.

"In 2004, we were appointed as members of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, a strategic alliance formed by companies that are leaders within their respective industries, focused on strengthening Spanish brands internationally."


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Presence in the Most Notable Film Events

Natura Bissé went to Hollywood for the first time to care for the skin of the most celebrated movie stars. From that year forward, the company began to participate in the week leading up to the Oscars and at many other film events, giving actors and actresses exceptionally radiant skin for their walk down the red carpet.

"Since then, internationally renowned celebrities as well as stylists and make-up artists known around the world have been loyal followers of our brand."


Entry to the Middle East

The Spanish cosmetics firm earned its spot in the zone, joining the most fashionable stores and the most luxurious hotel chains that offer exclusive spas. Natura Bissé has positioned itself in the Middle East as one of the top companies, not only for the quality of its products but also for the remarkable results that they offer.

"This year, we opened a subsidiary in Dubai to handle the needs of the growing Middle Eastern market. We have finally reached the point where our products are marketed globally”.

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Generational Changeover

After 29 years at the helm of the company, the founder, Ricardo Fisas Mulleras, appointed his daughter, Verónica Fisas Vergés, as CEO of Natura Bissé. Verónica Fisas, leader of the family's second generation, is backed by a strong brand that is a standard in the global cosmetics market, and a team of professionals dedicated to securing its position in the industry.


Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation

Following the company's generational changeover, Ricardo Fisas and his wife, Gloria Vergés, focused their efforts on a new project that they had had in mind for many years: creating their own foundation. The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation is a non-profit organization for social development and outreach, supporting professional training and the entrepreneurial spirit of disadvantaged groups. Natura Bissé earmarks 0.7% of all invoicing for the Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation.

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Exporting Excellence to the World of Spas

Natura Bissé continues to carry the excellence of its brand to the world. In 2011, it offered an innovative experience designed for the most exclusive hotels: "The Taste of Beauty", an unforgettable ritual that goes beyond the senses, bringing together cuisine, luxury, beauty and technology. An incredible marriage of flavors, aromas and textures. Also that year, the revolutionary Quirogolf Massage was born; an original body massage performed using golf balls to relieve stress, and balance and repair skin.

"This unforgettable cosmetic-haute cuisine experience was presented to the world at the legendary Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel, in Los Angeles."

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Farewell to the Founder of Natura Bissé

Ricardo Fisas Mulleras, founder and president of Natura Bissé, passed away on January 21, 2012. Following this sad loss his wife, Gloria Vergés de Fisas, became President of the Natura Bissé group and the Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation. Professionalism, commitment, the ability to overcome and humanity are the principles upon which Ricardo Fisas created NATURA BISSÉ and they remain the pillars of the company to this day.

"Ricardo Fisas’ involvement with the team of people in his company was such that each of us remembers him always as an excellent businessman with steadfast social and moral values."


Grand Opening of the Natura Bissé Flagship Store in Hong Kong

In the ongoing process of expanding the company internationally, Natura Bissé opened its first Flagship Store in Hong Kong, in the prestigious Pacific Place shopping center. This luxury gallery devoted to the most exclusive world of beauty, is a symbol of the company's success in the luxury cosmetics industry after more than 30 years of experience in skin care. This same year, Natura Bissé began online sales of its products through one of the most respected portals in the world of luxury, Net-a-Porter. The company also launched the revolutionary Diamond Life Infusion serum, which created a new generation of cosmetics.

"The series of successes that we have enjoyed this year coincided with the opening of our subsidiary in the United Kingdom, which helped position us in the country’s most exclusive spas, stores and boutiques".



The company established Beauty Lovers Day to commemorate Natura Bissé's strong commitment to beauty and skincare, just in time for its 35th anniversary. This unique event takes place on St. George's Day (April 23rd), which is a very significant date in Barcelona, the city in which the company was born. On that day, tribute is paid to love, culture and legends. During this very special time, the brand's iconic points of sale around the world are filled with roses, books and the most exclusive cosmetics.

Beauty Lovers Day



Natura Bissé was awarded the National Innovation Award granted by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, the highest honor given in Spain since 1987 to recognize companies whose exemplary track record has set them apart. The panel honored Natura Bissé in the internationalization category, for the company's strong commitment to research and development, and its success in positioning its products in the most exclusive cosmetics markets around the world.

That same year, the company was awarded the HALAL Certification by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology, becoming the first European company to receive this recognition. A Halal accreditation certifies that Natura Bissé meets the requirements established by Islamic law, providing an added value to reach and strengthen its relationship with its Muslim clientele.