Skin-age biomarker cosmetics

After extensive scientific research, NATURA BISSÉ has managed to take the latest advances in the field of Genome research and preventive Biomedicine, and apply them to cosmetics. The result is an extraordinary self-regenerating serum Diamond Life Infusion , and the birth of a new, ground-breaking category: age biomarker cosmetics.

Packaged in a luxurious bottle and backed by Natura Bissé´s unquestionable experience, Diamond Life Infusion treats skin aging by regulating the four key skin-age biomarkers, cellular indicators that are essential to knowing skin's biological age and keeping skin from aging prematurely.

A great finding:
Bio-Magnet Nanosomes: rejuvenating natural magnetite

Inspired by the current trend in medicine of using synthetic magnetite as a vehicle to release drugs within the body, we worked in close partnership with the University of Munich's Biology Department to achieve cosmetic use of a natural magnetite.

With the discovery of the active ingredient Bio-Magnet Nanosomes (patent pending), Natura Bissé was once again at the forefront, establishing a "before and after" in the development of anti-aging cosmetic treatments. This natural magnetite provides a powerful "Retinoid-like" action that matches the effect of retinoids. It stimulates the cell renewal process, improving skin's tone and texture and providing maximum luminosity, and it does it without any of the unwanted side effects to the skin that these compounds tend to cause (sensitivity to sun, dryness, irritation and inflammation).

Skin-age biomarkers

Stem cell preservation biomarker: Bio-Magnet Nanosomes and C-Niche Protector Peptide protect and preserve epidermal stem cells and their self-renewal capacity, resulting in more youthful skin over a longer period of time.

Cellular-aging control biomarker: Bio-Magnet Nanosomes and Progerin Reducer Complex keep the levels of cellular aging proteins low, in order to prevent skin cells from aging prematurely.

Telomere protection biomarker:Telomeryl Shield preserves the length of the telomeres (structures that protect the tips of chromosomes and keep skin cells from aging); early telomere shortening is the primary reason that skin ages prematurely.

Oxidative-damage regulation biomarker: Proteox Complex reinforces the cell’s own antioxidant mechanisms to effectively minimize the damage caused by free radicals.