Unprecedented, highly-targeted depigmenting treatment.

NATURA BISSÉ has innovative, exceptionally effective formulas specifically developed to eliminate changes in skin pigmentation, making dreams of a completely even complexion come true. The success of NATURA BISSÉ'S spot-fighting products, perfect for any age or skin type, is based on 3 pillars: RENEWING, BRIGHTENING AND DEPIGMENTING. This approach acts on the process by which skin creates hyperpigmentation, doing so in a safe, effective, and controlled manner.

  • Renewing

    Glycolic acid is the most powerful alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) there is when it comes to renewing skin at a cellular level. Its amazing efficiency quickly targets and reduces melanin buildup in the skin's surface, evening out skin's tone and texture.

  • Brightening

    Peroxide acid works with precision to visibly reduce and lighten dark spots on skin's surface, restoring its natural clarity and luminosity.

  • Depigmenting

    With the spectacular Brightening Acid Complex, NATURA BISSÉ ensures the elimination of hyperpigmentation. This complex is comprised of a cutting edge tretrapeptide and depigmenting acids that are scientifically recognized for their exceptional properties that fight and prevent pigmentation imbalances:

    • Melanoreductyl: a novel mechanism that inhibits melanin production, never before used in cosmetics; it blocks the stimulation of melanocytes, the cells responsible for melanin production.
    • Maslinic acid: provides a powerful anti-inflammatory action that noticeably improves skin pigmentation disorders that are caused or aggravated by inflammatory processes.
    • Dioic acid: effectively blocks melanin synthesis at its source.
    • Phytic acid: traps copper ions - essential for tyrosinase enzyme activity - thereby inhibiting that enzyme's activity and, consequently, melanin synthesis.