“INFLAMM-AGING” the primary cause of skin sensitivity.

One of the immune system's first natural defense responses is inflammation, intended to neutralize and repair damaged tissue. However, if inflammation becomes chronic, it can be very harmful; we call this "Inflamm-aging" (silent, unseen micro-inflammation). Its effects damage and weaken your skin’s structure, which is then manifested in pronounced sensitivity (irritation, extreme dryness, redness, saggy skin, etc.) As a result, skin progressively loses its capacity for self-defense, acquires greater sensitivity and becomes more prone to premature aging.

Our research on the relationship between “Inflamm-aging”, skin sensitivity and premature aging has led us to develop NB•CEUTICAL COLLECTION, an innovative range of neuro-cosmetic treatment products for sensitive and/or sensitized skin. All of the formulas are hypoallergenic, contain no parabens and no alcohol. They are dermatologically tested.

NB•CEUTICAL COLLECTION for sensitive or sensitized skin offers a tremendous improvement in skin’s ability to self-protect. It successfully relieves skin discomfort, increases skin's sensitivity threshold, and prevents the appearance of signs of premature aging.

Pro-Tolerance Peptide Complex (30 hypoallergenic ingredients):

Includes a targeted, exclusive neuro-peptide, Sensorphine, that soothes and calms skin discomfort that may be triggered by a range of external aggresors (sun, wind, cold, shaving, hair removal, medications, alcohol, etc.) or internal imbalances caused, for example, by stress.

This exceptional complex also contains highly soothing bioactive molecules from concentrated extracts of Árnica montana, Propolis, Beta-Glucans y Pikea Robusta. It also incorporates several molecules that regenerate and restore your skin's own barrier function, effectively preventing skin dehydration; it has a powerful antioxidant action and accelerates the natural process of cellular renewal.